Executive Decision Making with Data Science

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October 22, 2020

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4 weeks, live online
3-5 hours per week

Course Duration



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Is Your Decision-Making Mis-Calibrated?

We all want to be confident in our decisions. But what happens when there are more unknowns than knowns in the equation…or our own biases interfere with making the decision that leads to the best possible outcome?

Based on decades of research on what leads people to make very good – and very bad — decisions, this program instills the tools and knowledge to help you make better decisions for you and for your organization.

Who is This Program For?

Managers, investors, negotiators, and consumers all make predictable mistakes. Understanding the psychology of decision making, combined with responsible use of data, can offer a competitive advantage. Therefore, this program will benefit a broad range of people from the public and private sectors including:

  • Senior executives where decisions can have a massive impact on the organization and its future stability
  • Department heads such as those from marketing, strategy, or operations where small changes can have a big impact
  • General Managers who face multiple “pain points” and multi-attribute decision making
  • Decisions makers who impact the success of their functions or organizations
  • A group of colleagues or team who would like to advance their skills together

Key Takeaways

In this program, you will:

  • Hone your decision-making intuition
  • Harness the power of data
  • Practice advanced tools & build your confidence
  • Enable sustainability & long-term decision making

Program Topics

Module 1:

Tools for Rational Decision Making

Learn how your intuition guides you, how to overcome the mind traps that can impair effective decision-making, and how human decision biases can create opportunities to positively influence people.

Module 2:

Heuristics and Biases

Learn the strengths and the perils of using intuition, as well as how to leverage data to inform your decisions.

Module 3:

Interactive Decision Making

Determine how to make the most of collaboration with others and capitalize on the wisdom of the group.

Module 4:

Rational Choice in an Uncertain World

Consider the tradeoffs between short-term vs. long-term interests in building a sustainable enterprise and how confidence affects decision making and performance.

Sessions are held on Thursdays, 8:00-9:30 a.m. PST.

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The Learning Experience

1 live 90-minute session per week with faculty

1 live 90-minute session per week with faculty

Group exercises and peer discussions

Group exercises and peer discussions

Knowledge checks and polls

Knowledge checks and polls

Advanced tools for overcoming biases

Advanced tools for overcoming biases

Program Faculty

Don Moore Faculty

Don Moore

Lorraine Tyson Mitchell Professor of Communication and Leadership at the Haas School of Business

Don Moore is the Lorraine Tyson Mitchell Professor of Communication and Leadership at the Haas School of Business, and a member of the Management of Organizations group. Prior to Haas, Don served on the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, where he held the Carnegie Bosch chair. His research interests focus on overconfidence, including when people think they’re better than they are, when they think they are better than others, and when they are too sure they know the truth.

His research has appeared in numerous press outlets and academic journals, including Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Organization Science, Experimental Economics, and the Psychological Review.

Professor Moore teaches popular classes on managing organizations, negotiation, and decision making. Don graduated with a BA in Psychology from Carleton College and received his MS and PhD degrees in Organizational Behavior from Northwestern University.

Featured companion book for this program is Perfectly Confident by Professor Don Moore.



Get recognized! Upon completing this program, Berkeley Haas Executive Education will award you with a verified Digital Certificate of Completion. Your participation in the live sessions is critical to the value you and your fellow participants will derive from this executive education program. Each session includes activities in which you will interact with the faculty and your peers. Hence, to earn the certificate, you are required to attend all four live sessions.

This program also counts toward a Certificate in Business Excellence.

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