Emerging Tech Strategies: Harnessing AI, IoT, Web3, and Beyond

Deliver business impact through technology
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Key Takeaways

This program will empower you to:

  • Develop foresight using tools and frameworks to evaluate opportunities in tech-driven futures

  • Gain insights into emerging technological applications and use those insights to drive change in your organization

  • Help organizations use emerging technologies to innovate, drive goals, and generate impact

  • Create a technology portfolio that improves productivity, enhances the customer experience, and guides decision making

Program Curriculum

The curriculum provides the tools you need to evaluate opportunities around emerging technologies, including AI, Web3, IoT, and others. In addition, it will help you build the right business case, create adoption road maps, and become a trusted technology advisor for your organization or clients.

Note: This program may include optional reading material that requires a paid subscription.

Program Highlights

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Recorded Video Lectures

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Live Teaching Sessions

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Notable Guest Speakers

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Live Office Hours

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Network with High-Achieving Classmates

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Peer Reviews and Discussions

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Real-World Examples

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Capstone Project

Live Sessions

Live sessions with Berkeley Haas faculty are an integral part of the curriculum and give you the opportunity to apply emerging trends and strategic considerations for each technology to scenarios that are relevant to your organization.

Note: Live sessions are subject to change.

Olaf Groth

Olaf Groth

“AI cuts across other tech and nontech areas and trends. To get to effective readiness, resilience, and ROI assurance, one must view these elements as compounds or clusters rather than independent trends. These clusters change business and operating models, as well as infrastructure layers in organizations. Adopting this perspective allows us to redesign how business leaders transform disruption into innovation and accounts for how technology has and continues to evolve. This program will help leaders detect the undercurrents of disruption in their domains and industries and structure new portfolios of projects and moves. As such, they will understand and practice that AI and emerging tech strategy is just as much about what you do as it is about what you no longer do in order to free up attention and resources for these shifts.”

— Olaf Groth, Professional Faculty Member, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Fireside Chats

Gain unique insights into creating and managing portfolio strategies as Professor Olaf Groth hosts conversations with renowned subject matter experts.

Real-World Examples

To ground your understanding of technology disruption and digital transformation in a business context, the program presents real-world examples and case studies of prominent organizations. A sample of the companies explored include:


Learn how this China-based tech giant and search engine seeks to disrupt the auto industry with a distinct strategy via Apollo, an open innovation, multisided platform with network effects for autonomous vehicles.


Understand how the multinational corporation gained and maintains dominance in the semiconductor industry.


Discover how the company navigated the S-curve's three phases, leading to a greater adoption of electric vehicles.

Who is This Program For?

The Emerging Tech Strategies: Harnessing AI, IoT, Web3, and Beyond program is for organizational leaders who want to gain a foundational understanding of where the future of technology is headed and create roadmaps for strategic adoption. The program is ideal for:

  • Technology leaders who want to spearhead technological transformation by investing in cutting-edge emerging technologies and charting a course for next-generation innovation.

  • Senior business leaders who want to expand the potential of their organizations by leveraging the opportunities presented by future-forward technologies.

  • Mid-level functional managers who want to better understand the breadth of applications for new technologies and their impact on specific functional areas.

  • Consultants, entrepreneurs, and business professionals who want to keep pace with disruptive technologies, identify the untapped potential of emerging technologies, and discover new applications across industries while mitigating risk.

Program Faculty


Professional Faculty Member, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Professor Olaf Groth is a professional faculty for strategy, technology management, and futures at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’...

Why Enroll in the Emerging Tech Strategies Program from Berkeley Executive Education?

Why Enroll in the Emerging Tech Strategies Program from Berkeley Executive Education?

Located at the epicenter of the innovation economy, UC Berkeley’s programs combine a research-driven curriculum with industry best practices. Each year, over 3,200 professionals choose to advance their careers through our individual and group enrollment programs. Designed and led by our world-renowned faculty, the Emerging Tech Strategies program offers participants the opportunity to gain expertise in a convenient, online format where the school’s innovation and human-centered leadership converge in real time.

Past Participant Profile

In our classrooms, you will find a diverse range of participants who come from different professional backgrounds, roles, and industries with whom you can share perspectives and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Work Experience

  • 0–9 years – 11%

  • 10–14 years – 16%

  • 15–19 years – 17%

  • 20+ years – 56%


  • IT Products & Services – 27%

  • Healthcare – 14%

  • Banking & Financial Services – 14%

  • Energy – 10%

  • Industrial Goods – 10%

  • Other – 25%

Job Function

  • IT – 27%

  • R&D – 11%

  • Strategy & Corporate Planning – 11%

  • Consulting – 10%

  • Engineering – 9%

  • Other – 2%


I gained not only a better understanding of the technology forces impacting today’s businesses but also new methods for turning those technological opportunities into strategy.
Naidu Rebolloso
Executive Vice President of Operations & Analytics, Cal-Tex Protective Coatings
The interaction between professors and renowned tech leaders during fireside chats were invaluable. The knowledge shared by these accomplished leaders cannot be found in books.
Sai Vajha
VP of Digital Transformation, Exelixis
Amid the demands of day-to-day work, it can be challenging to keep abreast of the evolving tech landscape. This program has been a valuable resource in helping me gain insights into upcoming advanceme...
Alvin Henrick
VP and Head of Sciences Engineering, Stealth Mode Startup
This program provides an insightful perspective on current and future technology trends and how to leverage them through frameworks and tools for building the innovation portfolio. Professor Olaf’s pe...
Vikas Singh
VP and Head Information Technology, Tata AIG General Insurance India Limited
The program was excellent—I really enjoyed it. Professor Olaf is great. The content, structure, additional resources, accessibility, global vision, and applicability to my business are fabulous.
Rodolfo Avina Morales
Digital Experiences & Capabilities Director, The Coca Cola Company
The program gave me a great introduction to many cutting-edge, disruptive technologies as well as practical approaches to triaging potentially disruptive projects.
Paul Peck
Senior Director of Engineering, Western Digital
Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the program, UC Berkeley Executive Education grants a verified digital certificate of completion to participants. Participants must complete 80% of the required activities including a capstone project (if any) to obtain the certificate of completion. This program also counts toward a Certificate of Business Excellence.

Successful completion of this program fulfills two curriculum days (minimum requirement of 17 curriculum days) towards the UC Berkeley Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE).

Learn more on how it works here.

Note: This program results in a digital certificate of completion and is not eligible for degree credit/CEUs. After successful completion of the program, your verified digital certificate will be emailed to you in the name you used when registering for the program. All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of UC Berkeley Executive Education.

Path to Alumni Benefits

Enrolling in the Emerging Tech Strategies: Harnessing AI, IoT, Web3, and Beyond program can become your first step toward pursuing the UC Berkeley Executive Education Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE). The Certificate of Business Excellence gives individuals the opportunity to acquire and hone new skills and do it on a timeline that works with your busy schedule. Participants will earn a mark of distinction with certification from a world-class university, and enjoy the flexibility of completing the program in up to three years.

Learn more about the program and associated alumni benefits here.

Networking and events

  • Join local alumni chapters or clubs in your region.

  • Participate in the annual Berkeley Haas Alumni Conference.

  • Attend select Berkeley Haas and Berkeley Executive Education networking events open to the COBE community.

Exclusive Berkeley Resources

  • Activate an @haas.executivealumni.berkeley.edu email forwarding address.

  • 15% discount on the list price of future eligible Berkeley Executive Education programs.

  • 30% discount on the list price of future eligible programs after completion of your Certificate of Business Excellence.

  • Public visitor access to select campus libraries and university database services.

News and communication

  • A one-year complimentary digital subscription to

    California Management Review


  • Berkeley Haas Alumni newsletter.

  • Berkeley Haas AlumniJobs Newsletter featuring job postings from distinguished employers.

  • Haas Insights offering the latest research and thought leadership from industry experts and faculty.

Note: All benefits subject to change.


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